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Improvement and enhancement of urban distribution functions

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2020/5/24 18:00:12 Hits:845
Along with logistics equipment needs and service radius, network expansion, urban distribution function improvement, strengthening, environmental protection needs and old vehicle renewal, to 2009, the new acquisition of various logistics equipment transport vehicles will exceed 20,000. In the economic environment and market conditions at the time, logistics equipment are in need of market potential is great, the industry of modern logistics equipment and skills present blowout needs, logistics equipment is more and more perfect, skill level is higher and higher, modern logistics equipment and skill variety emerge in endlessly, logistics equipment and skills to carry out the space more and more broad.As the national logistics equipment industry forefront, its logistics equipment expo is now famous in China, enjoying a good reputation.In order to adapt to the situation of the shopping mall and meet the needs of the broad company, LOGISTICS Equipment and Supply chain Management Association will continue to make great efforts in the modernization and effectiveness, learn from the experience of similar foreign exhibitions, and make great efforts to build 2009 logistics equipment and skills Expo, to build China logistics equipment Exhibition.The equipment exhibition covers all aspects of the logistics equipment and skills, include loading and unloading of transfer equipment, logistics equipment, commercial vehicles and parking equipment, storage equipment, hoisting equipment, transport system, motor skills and equipment, distribution, packaging, containers and equipment, inventory and handling skills, wharf and warehouse equipment and spare parts, such as partition, pay attention to and actual effect.
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Contact person: Mr. Zhu
Hand machine: 13814822558
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Mail box: szodsm@163.com
Address: Yantou Road, Xinhua Industrial Park, Wangting Town, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou (No. 2, Wanfang Road)
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